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Choose jaw crusher or hammer crusher? You need to know these 5 points

Time:2021-06-17 16:44    Author:clirik

5 differences between jaw crusher and hammer crusher

Jaw crushers and hammer crushers are the most commonly used crushers in crushing production lines. Recently, a customer inquired that he did not want to use the jaw crusher, but wanted a separate hammer crusher, and asked if it was possible.
Using the hammer crusher alone, the configuration is simpler, the process is shorter, but the cost may also be high, and the aggregate quality is substandard. When to use a jaw crusher and when to use a hammer crusher, you must first understand the differences in these aspects!

There are 5 differences between jaw crusher and hammer crusher:


1. Different appearance and working principle

Friends who know these two types of equipment can be distinguished from the appearance, and the working principle is also very different. The working mode of the jaw crusher is a curved extrusion type, and the material is squeezed in the crushing cavity composed of the movable jaw and the fixed jaw. Crushing: The hammer crusher is mainly crushed by the impact, shearing, tearing of the rotating hammer head, the mutual impact between the materials and the counterattack of the liner.
jaw crusher
Jaw Crusher

hammer crusher
Hammer Crusher


2. Different broken materials

The jaw crusher can crush all kinds of soft and hard materials, with compressive strength between 300-350Mpa, such as: granite, quartz stone, diabase, river pebble, iron ore, etc.
Hammer crushers are mainly used to crush ore with low hardness, with compressive strength less than 200Mpa, such as: marble, limestone, barite, bluestone, coal gangue, etc. The hammer head wears severely when crushing hard materials. It may cost several hundred dollars to replace a set of hammer heads. If it is an ordinary high-manganese steel hammer head, it needs to be replaced in 3 days, which is too costly.

3. Different discharge adjustment methods

The adjustment of the discharging particle size of the hammer crusher is achieved by replacing the bottom sieve plate. There are many options for the adjustment method of the jaw crusher, including pad adjustment, wedge adjustment, and hydraulic cylinder.
See 3 types of jaw crusher discharge opening adjustment methods for details.

4. Different production line configuration

Due to its crushing principle, the pin-shaped particle content in the jaw crusher is relatively high, and it needs to be shaped with a impact crusher. Therefore, we often see the configuration of jaw crusher + impact crusher.
Hammer crushers are mainly used in industrial secondary crushers. They are formed at one time and do not require secondary crushing and shaping. Therefore, hammer crushers are often used in small and medium-sized production lines.

5. The application in the sand and gravel aggregate line is very different

Although the process of hammer crusher is simple, hammer crusher is rarely used in sand and gravel aggregate production line. It is because hammer crusher has a low yield rate, is easy to be crushed, there are many powdery materials, and the finished aggregate may produce micro-cracks. , The compressive strength is low, which affects the quality of aggregates, and also affects sales and prices, so it is often used as auxiliary sand making equipment.
Jaw crusher is often used as the rough crushing equipment of aggregate production line, followed by counter-attack crushing or cone crushing, and then adding sand making machine (shaping machine) for shaping.
Through the introduction of the above 5 aspects, I hope it will be helpful for you to choose a crusher. Once chatted with a user, he used a hammer crusher to crush granite. He had to change the hammer in less than 2 days, which not only delayed production but also increased the input cost. Finally, he wanted to replace the equipment, which was time-consuming, laborious and costly. Therefore, before selecting equipment, you must be clear about your material properties and production requirements (for example, whether the requirements for the particle size of the finished product are high), so as to configure the best production line equipment to avoid subsequent production problems.
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