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Hammer crusher achieve coarse-to-fine crushing

Time:2018-02-01 08:21    Author:clirik

With the call of environmental protection, the gravel industry has more and more demanding on the selection of equipment. Not only in process improvement, but also in production process, green pollution-free process is also crucial. For limestone crushing, hammer crusher can achieve coarse-to-fine crushing in one step with features of simple, efficient, high-quality.
Hammer crusher
Hammer crusher from Shanghai Clirik drive hammer circular motion through the rotor, achieve the purpose of crushing through the impact of the material from hammer. During this period, the number of strokes of hammer is more, and material will be recrushed for the second time, third time in order to achieve the coarse, medium and fine crushing effect in one step, which greatly saves the material crushing time. 
Hammer crusher
In addition, hammer crusher has features of simple and efficient, uniform final product size. 
with less impurities, higher quality finished products, to meet high quality of the material requirements. It is worth mentioning that our crusher hammer made of high-chromium alloy casting, with higher toughness, better wear resistance,  is a set of good gravel processing equipment with good appearance, inherent quality. 
At present, Shanghai Clirik Hammer crusher has been highly praised by domestic and foreign customers with advanced performance! In the future, Shanghai Clirik Machinery will devote ourselves to the R & D, design and manufacture of advanced products in China. We will use leading technology, advanced equipment, perfect service to help rapid progress of the mining industry and promote the the domestic economy.

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