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Installation and use of Hammer crusher

Time:2017-12-07 09:36    Author:clirik

Structure of Hammer Crusher
Hammer crusher consists mainly of the rack, rotor, screen, hammer and other components from the combination. 
Installation Notes
1, the basic diagram supplied by the manufacturer is only crusher and motor arrangement position, the user can design and install refer to the design with the actual ation. 
2, the machine should be installed on the basis of concrete, the design of the foundation should be considered with the discharge position.
3, in order to reduce vibration, so as to avoid the vibration of the machine work affect the building, the foundation and the concrete foundation should be embedded with hardwood pads or other damping material.
4, when installed, the center of the motor and rotor shaft should be guaranteed straight, so as not to affect the elastic sleeve on the coupling premature damage and bearing fever.
5, the transmission part of the machine on the right of the machine, but its location can be changed according to actual needs.

Hammer Crusher

Terms and Conditions 

(A) Preparatory work before starting

1, check whether there is the right amount of lubricant in the bearing.

2, check whether all the fasteners are completely fastened.

3, check whether there is metal or other unbreakable debris in the body.

4, check the hammer and the gap between the screen is normal

Rotate the rotor by hand to see if it is normal, rotation direction is correct, whether the hammer collide other parts.

(B) Start of crusher

1, after inspection, the machine and the transmission part is normal, before starting.

2, if there is an abnormal situation after tart up it, you should stop it, identify and eliminate abnormal circumstances before restarting the machine.

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