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Common Faults of Hammer Crusher

Time:2017-02-17 08:19    Author:clirik

Hammer crusher is one of the common crushing equipment, in the field of grinding industry, hammer crusher has always played a great role. Of course, the hammer crusher will also be accompanied by some common faults in the course of daily use. Clirik had summarized some common faults.

Fault 1: vibration

1, crusher and motor mounted a different shaft.
Solution: Correct and adjust to the technical requirements for installation.

2, the rotor does not balance
Solution: Rearrange the ring hammers.

3, the feed block is too large
Solution: control the amount of material.

4, bearing or seat nut loose
Solution: carefully check, tighten in time.

Fault 2: reduced production

1, the gap between the rotor and the sieve plate is too large
Solution: Adjust the spring bolts.

2, ring hammer wear
Solution: repair or replace the ring hammer.

Failure 3: the machine appears abnormal sound

1, cannot break the material or metal into the crushing chamber
Solution: clean up the crushing chamber.

2, internal parts activities
Solution: carefully check, tighten in time.

3, internal parts broken
Solution: carefully check, replace the broken pieces.

4, the rotor and sieve plate collision
Solution: Adjust the gap between the rotor and the screen.

hammer crusher
Fault 4: bearing temperature is too high.

1, lack of grease
Solution: Add grease.

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