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Introduction of A High Power Hammer Mill

Time:2016-12-09 08:48    Author:clirik

Hammer mill is a common milling equipment, and it is widely used in milling industry, hammer mill has played a very important role in the mining, construction, road and bridge construction and other areas. Shanghai Clirik Machinery Co., Ltd. is a large milling equipment manufacturer, and now we have also developed a new type of hammer mill that named PC4015-132.

The PC4015-132 hammer mill has beyond the usual hammer mill, and compare with the hammer mill which we have seen before, this hammer mill not only in output, but also in efficiency are far more than the previous machine. For example, our PC4015-132 hammer mill maximum feed port can accommodate the material which diameter more than 50mm, and at the same time, a large feed port will also bring a greater output, our PC4015-132 hammer mill production can up to 100t / h, this is rare to see in the industry.

hammer mill
Of course, we consumers should think from a view of practical point, if we want to buy a milling equipment, we must choose the machine which is suitable for our industrial scale. As the old saying, although both the quality and price are what we concerned, but we should choose the most suitable one. If you want to know more about our high power hammer mill, you can visit our website, or contact our technical staff.
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