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How does the cone crusher reduce the failure rate?

Time:2017-08-05 10:46    Author:clirik

One of the new era of mining equipment industries is cone crusher,because of its high yield, good grain and excellent in a variety of large-scale projects, due to the majority of cone crusher broken stone which is relatively hard stone, the shortcomings of the device is easy parts Wear, the failure rate is relatively large.How to resist the occurrence of cone crusher failure rate? We can pass the following three rules:

1, the impact of temperature control:
In the work, the each component temperature of the cone crusher has its own normal range.Beyond this range, parts will be damaged.Therefore, the crusher to prevent overload operation at low temperatures is the primary problem in the operation process.We should always pay attention to check the various thermometers on the value, if found the problem, immediately stop to check and troubleshooting.

2, cone crusher can reduce the impact of impurities:
the material will be in the soil, dust and other non-metallic impurities, it caused by the impact of metal substances as well as mechanical wear in the cone crusher course,block the movement of materials, damage the grease, to accelerate the wear of parts.So we have to prevent all kinds of impurities into the mechanical interior, but also to use high-quality, supporting parts and lubricants, grease, blocking the source of harmful impurities.

cone crusher
3, to suppress all kinds of corrosion:
Easy to make the cone crusher metal surface and the surrounding medium occur chemical or electrochemical reaction and was destroyed.

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