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Resulting in jaw crusher material blockage reasons

Time:2017-08-21 08:53    Author:clirik

Jaw Crusher in the course of running often encountered due to material clogged and forced to shut down, cannot be normal production phenomenon. Then it will affect the production of enterprises, and thus make the enterprise's profits greatly reduced.What are the causes of material clogging?

jaw crusher
1, after the start, such as jaw crusher issued an abnormal percussion, should stop, after identify and eliminate the ills, you can restart.

2, jaw crusher must be no-load start, after the normal rotation, can open the device. The ore should be gradually increased until the full load so far.

3, we should be evenly into the material, the ore is not allowed to be filled with crushing chamber,while preventing non-crushed material through the discharge port, should immediately notify the belt transport and take out, so as not to enter the next crusher caused serious equipment accident.

In order, to ensure the normal operation of the palate crusher, in addition to correct operation, must be planned maintenance, including routine maintenance inspection, minor repair, repair and overhaul.

We know that the cause of jaw crusher material blockage reasons, after a scientific analysis, you can take measures to repair the symptomatic.
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