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2016 Jaw Crusher

Jaw Crusher
Jaw crusher is widely applied in mining,smelting,construction,road,railway,water conservation and chemical industry etc.the compressive strength of crushing less than 320 million mpa.which is often applied in quarry production line,tone factory.it has the first class of crushing in production line.so it has the irreplaceable influence.at present.jaw crusher included deep cavity jaw crusher and euro mandibles crusher.
Features of Jaw crusher :
1.Large reduction ratio
2.Well-distributed grain size of products
3.Simple structure
4.Reliable work
5.Convenient maintenance
6.Appropriate operating cost
Working principle of Jaw Crusher:
     The working portions of Jaw crusher is made up of two pieces of lips.one is the stationary lip,fastening on the anterior wall of engine body vertically. the other is sewing lip.on the tilt,with the stationary lip formed crushing cavity which top is larger than its base.Sewing jaw slabs with stationary jaw do periodicity reciprocating motion.sometimes separately,sometimes near.when they are separate,materials entered into the crushing cavity.the finished product discharging from the bottom.when they are approaching.making the materials crushing because of squeezing ,bending and separating which is between two pieces of jaw lips.
The Type of Jaw Crusher:
Jaw crusher is mainly used for coarse crusher and intermediate crusher in some fields .such as mining, construction materials,infrastructure etc.it is divided into large medium small three types according to its feeding hole’s size of the width.the feeding hole’s width is greater than 600mm for big machine.feeding port is 300-600mm for medium machine,feeding mouth is less than 300mm for small machine.
The shaking mode of jaw crusher is different according to its sewing jaw.it can be divided into three types.simple oscillating jaw crusher,complex oscillating jaw crusher and comprehensive oscillating jaw crusher.
The Specifications of Jaw Crusher:
Type Feed opening size(mm) Feeding size(mm) Output open range(mm) Capacity(t/h) Powder(kw) Dimension(L*W*H)mm
PE150*250 150*250 125 10~40 1~5 5.5~7.5 922*745*933
PE200*350 200*350 125 15~40 5~16 7.5~11 1056*1142*1220
PE250*400 250*400 210 20~60 5~20 15~18.5 1430*1310*1340
PE400*600 400*600 350 40~100 15~60 30~37 1700*1732*1653
PE500*750 500*750 425 50~100 40~100 45~55 2035*1921*2000
PE600*900 600*900 480 65~160 60~140 55~75 2290*2206*2370
PEX250*400 250*400 210 ≤12 5~10 15~18.5 1430*1310*1340
PEX250*1000 250*1000 210 25~60 16~50 30~37 1530*1992*1380
PEX250*1200 250*1200 210 25~60 20~60 37~45 2192*1605*1415
PEX300*1300 300*1300 250 25~105 20~90 75 2720*1950*1600

Jaw crusher price:
If you want to know the Jaw crusher price or have any questions about Jaw crusher, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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